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I have lots of new non-clothing embroidery available for you. Check them out here.

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  • Planning a special event at this time can be very difficult. These masks were made for a wedding last winter before vaccinations were available. With the arrival of the omicron variant, masks may again be necessary for indoor events. These were made in a cream colour to match the bride's gown with the initials of the bride and groom in a green and purple metallic thread to match the favourite colours of the happy couple.

  • Sports Teams

    Have a team or club you belong to? Designs can either be embroidered on the garment: hats, shirts, jackets, scarves, toques and more, or they can be done as patches with a peel and stick backing that, once you place it on the garment and press down, is permanent through many, many washings and dryings.

  • Patches

    These were made for a wonderful group of ladies from the WindSisters Motorcycle Club to commemerate their trip this April to Cuba.

    Patches have made a big return from the '60s and 70s. Check out my Creations For Customers Gallery and my new Patch Collection, which will be on the website next week, to see what's new and new again.

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  • Parquet

    常规价格 $74.00 CAD
    常规价格 $249.00 CAD 促销价 $74.00 CAD
  • Leaf Ridge

    常规价格 $94.50 CAD
    常规价格 $189.00 CAD 促销价 $94.50 CAD
    Leaf RidgeLeaf Ridge
  • June

    常规价格 $49.50 CAD
    常规价格 $169.00 CAD 促销价 $49.50 CAD
  • Garfield

    常规价格 $49.50 CAD
    常规价格 $159.00 CAD 促销价 $49.50 CAD
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